Comforts of home for long-term care residents

Comforts of home for long-term care residents

Long-term care homes are complex environments.  While they are essentially clinical facilities, performing many of the nursing functions of a hospital, they are also fundamentally a home for their residents – and as such, they should feel like home.

Research shows that care home residents living in warm, inviting environments that don’t look or feel institutional tend to have better mental and physical health outcomes.  As a result, care homes go to great lengths to create a homey feel within their interiors, without compromising on function.

Careful interior design can help these spaces to feel soft and homey while still being durable and functional for nursing – and as well as smart selection of interior finishes and furnishings, accessories like wall art have an important role to play.

Innovative wall art

With this in mind we are delighted to announce the launch of Frontline’s ‘Comforts of Home’ range of bespoke wall art panels, which are designed to offer care home environments a simple and affordable way to add colour, interest and a dash of escapism to their interiors!

The Comforts of Home range includes two of our most innovative wall art displays – the QuickPro Art Wrap™ Canvas, and our brand-new interchangeable fabric frames.

The QuickPro ArtWrap™ is a clever folding system with a printable canvas mounted on a folding back board.  You can print any image onto the canvas – which makes it easy to personalise for specific rooms or even specific care home residents – and then simply fold and secure the board for an instant, ready-to-hang artwork!  Available in a range of sizes up to 20×30 inches, it’s a versatile way to display photographs and other images.

If you want to create large scale feature artworks, then our new SEG are the ideal choice!  These clever frames are based on the same principles as our tension banner displays.  A high-resolution image is printed onto lightweight, recycled fabric with a reinforced silicone edge and this is then stretched onto a specially-designed frame that grips the create a large yet cost-effective piece of wall art.

We offer a wide range of ready-to-go artwork ranging from golf courses and cities to forests, beaches and underwater scenes.  Natural and outdoor landscapes in particular are shown to have positive health benefits for care home residents who are unable to get outside, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving mood!  Hanging these artworks on your care home walls creates an uplifting environment that can benefit residents and staff alike.  Available in a range of sizes up to an impressive 96×96”, these frames have the added benefit of interchangeable artwork – simply pull the silicone out of the frame and add a new fabric panel to change up the look!

For further information on the Comforts of Home range including available dimensions and price points, get in touch.