Acute Care

Keeping patients and visitors safe while not compromising care is a challenge in today’s world and Frontline can assist with solutions that protect while preserving patient dignity.

Day Surgery and Clinics

As patients return for on-site services again, healthcare facilities are faced with the challenge of providing adequate physical distancing and infection control. Frontline can help with solutions to retain patient capacity in busy departments.

Long-term Care and Senior Living

Seniors and the elderly are some of the most vulnerable and Frontline has the products to support caring for them appropriately, keeping your facility safe and highly-rated.

Public Health Agencies

At the forefront of healthy communities are public health professionals working hard to facilitate classes, clinics, and other initiatives. Now with mass immunization campaigns to execute, Frontline can assist with products that support the important work of better health for all.


Schools, colleges, and universities – in fact, educational facilities of every kind – are faced with providing safe spaces for staff and students, while keeping busy schedules running smoothly.  

Whether at the desk or in the gym, in the classroom or the cafeteria, Frontline can help divide areas for safety, while maximizing space.


Council chambers, libraries, court rooms and security offices – Frontline has helped in all these applications where staff and public safety is paramount while facilitating daily business. Our cost-effective solutions help adhere to physical distancing mandates, while being flexible enough to adapt to differentiating needs.

Welcome to Frontline

With a focus on simple, effective fixtures for dividing space and providing infection control, Frontline Supplies serves facilities across a wide range of disciplines, from large acute care hospitals, to small independent schools. Compact and agile, we respond quickly to the needs of our clients, adding value as a reliable supply chain partner.

North American Made

As a family owned and operated business, with locations in both Canada and the United States, Frontline is committed to domestic manufacturing and many of our product offerings are designed and built here in North America.

Customer Support

Customer-centric and dedicated to becoming trusted and knowledgeable partners, our helpful and friendly team offer unrivaled levels of expertise and technical support. With quick response times, we can advise and support you with your specific facility requirements.

Client Testimonials

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