A picture is a window to another world…

Frontline has once again considered the needs of those in resident care & retirement home environments. This time, using their own specialist expertise in the display sector, together with their own in-house canvas and soft fabric print capability, Comforts of Home has been launched to meet the personal and emotional needs of residents and patients.

Research shows that images of nature and outdoor scenes can have a positive effect on human wellbeing, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and helping people to feel calm and positive.

This new printed framed image range combines the very latest in large format graphic technology, along with the health-boosting benefits of visual imagery.

How it works


Select your images

There are a choice of ranges available, from golf and cities, to beaches and forests, to animals and underwater. You can mix and match too, so you‘re not limited to a theme!


Select your frame type & size

Choose between our 2 innovative wall art displays. With 8 different size options available, there are formats to suit every room and area.


That’s it!

It really is as easy as that! Our experts will print on high quality material, and your prints and frames will be dispatched within 48 hours of order.

Available Sizes & Pricing

These high-quality fabric prints, which are stretch fitted within an aluminum profile, are available in 4 stock sizes with a range from 2ft x 3ft up to 8ft x 8ft! These are priced firstly for the initial wall-mounted profile plus the print of choice, and then also for additional prints as desired – all from our extensive gallery. The profile & print set-up options have SKU numbers which are prefixed by PRINE, while the replacement prints start with DF. If the size you are looking is not listed below, please reach out to our team as custom sizing options are available.

The smaller canvas images are stunning indeed! – and offer a more economical cost solution without compromising the effect. These are available in 4 sizes up to 20”x30” and all carry SKUs with a prefix of PRINE.

Interchangable fabric image

Code Description Size Cost
PRINE449152 Frame & fabric image 24″x 36″ $231.90
DF2436SE Fabric image only 24″x 36″ $164.78
PRINE449179 Frame & fabric image 36″x 72″ $354.08
DF3672SE Fabric image only 36″x 72″ $221.66
PRINE449233 Frame & fabric image 72″x 96″ $592.76
DF7296SE Fabric image only 72″x 96″ $442.97
PRINE449245 Frame & fabric image 96″x 96″ $711.09
DF9696SE Fabric image only 96″x 96″ $557.33

Canvas image

Code Description Size Cost
PRINE819218 Canvas Image 8″x 12″ $57.44
PRINE819221 Canvas Image 12″x 12″ $59.88
PRINE819224 Canvas Image 16″x 20″ $97.29
PRINE819227 Canvas Image 20″x 30″ $109.72

Want to explore our full range of products?

Image Ranges

The choice of stock imagery is rich, designed to give you the best of all that’s Canadian – and more! Whether it be native animals, the beauties of the seasons, sporting pictures to bring back previous leisure achievements & pursuits, or simply the wild outdoors – residents can revive and relish what they love, time after time!

And this can be easily personalized for them, too – maybe a daughter’s wedding, a family group, an overseas trip. Any classic shot they have which is sufficiently hi-resolution is a potential opportunity for them to experience their very own Comforts of Home!

Upload Your Artwork

Use this form to upload your artwork, or get in touch about our Comforts of Home products. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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