Smart solutions for instant immunization clinics

Smart solutions for instant immunization clinics

There’s one major priority in Canada’s fight against Covid-19 right now, and that’s vaccination.

Canada’s vaccination programme currently lags behind that of some 50 other countries and we currently have a level four travel advisory, with certain areas back under tough Covid restrictions.  It’s clear that ramping up vaccinations is key to our emergence from this crisis – and with a further two million doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine due to arrive in the coming days, the situation is beginning to look more hopeful.

But what does this mean on the ground?

One of Canada’s biggest challenges has been getting vaccines into arms and with more doses on the way, what’s needed now is a rock-solid infrastructure for delivering them – especially in the case of Pfizer, which has specialist storage constraints.

Setting up vaccination centres requires careful consideration of how people will queue, enter, and move through the space in an infection-secure manner while also maximising throughput.

For this reason, venues that are already adapted to large volumes of people are an obvious choice, which is why we’re seeing so-called ‘hockey hub immunization clinics’ popping up at ice hockey and other sporting arenas around the country.

Instant vaccination booths

Frontline’s SwiftPanel product is already proving to be a lifeline for the organizations tasked with setting up these clinics, facilitating the fast and easy setup of large numbers of vaccination booths within an open plan space.

SwiftPanel is a temporary wall system used to divide space or create private booths quickly and easily. It’s a versatile option for setting up vaccine clinics affordably and with minimal fuss – the polypropylene panels simply slot into the base supports with no skilled trades required, creating a customizable system that’s also easy to disinfect.

Safe & easy to navigate

Ice rinks and other sports arenas have the added benefit of multiple entrances and exits which enables organizers to easily set up efficient, one-way systems for the vaccination of thousands of people each day.  Frontline also offers a range of zoning, social distancing and wayfinding tools that can support these efforts.

Our SwiftScreen SOLO and SOLO XL dividers are an ideal solution for creating infection-secure queuing and one-way systems, while SwiftScreen SHIELD is specifically designed to help prevent cross-contamination within fixed seating areas.  These tools can help venues to improve efficiency by maximizing waiting room capacity without compromising on safety.  They are also ideal for protecting healthcare staff as they operate reception and check-in facilities.

Clear, prominent signage is vital for helping people to navigate clinics and other Covid-safe spaces confidently and safely.  A range of display options is usually needed to accommodate varied messaging which may include anything from simple markers at entrance and exit points through to information-laden displays outlining safety protocols, when to attend or not attend a clinic, signs and symptoms of Covid and much more.  At Frontline we have a wealth of versatile tools to help venues cover all their display needs, from robust outdoor displays and sidewalk signs to retractable banners and snap frames for indoors.

Of course, hand hygiene is another key feature of every public space, including vaccination centres – and our range of freestanding commercial and industrial hand sanitizer stations caters for every location from the small drugstore clinic to vast, arena-sized vaccine centres.  

To find out more about how Frontline can support the establishment of pop-up immunization clinics and vaccination centres, get in touch.