Swiftscreen SOLO: Keeping customers safe while they wait

Swiftscreen SOLO: Keeping customers safe while they wait

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and if the events of the past year have taught us anything it’s that we as human beings and entire nations are more adaptable than we might have thought.

Our world has changed dramatically and rapidly, demonstrating that when we really need to make a change, we can!

Although vaccines against Covid-19 are being rolled out, it’s looking like the majority of the changes we’ve seen over the last 12 months aren’t going away any time soon.  Across Ontario, restrictions have once again come into force, reminding us that the virus is still here and making its presence felt within the healthcare sector.  Even with a vaccination program in place, as a society we have an important role to play in keeping up our side of the infection control bargain by sticking to measures like hand washing and social distancing.

When the current restrictions end and as the vaccine program expands, our societies will begin to open up more rapidly and more widely than before – but they’ll be doing so in a world that has changed forever.

Businesses and organizations of all kinds have faced immense challenges since the beginning of the pandemic, with sectors like retail, personal care and hospitality in particular taking a massive hit.  It makes sense that these and other businesses want to take whatever steps they can to keep their customers safe and avoid the need for any further shutdowns in future.

One thing all these businesses have in common is that their patrons often have to wait in line or spend time seated within their premises – whether that’s queuing to pay for goods, waiting for appointments, or enjoying a meal in a restaurant.

Wherever people have to wait, Swiftscreen SOLO makes it easy to keep them safe by creating simple, effective and unobtrusive ‘bubbles’ within interior environments.

Swiftscreen SOLO is a lightweight yet strong privacy divider that can be used alone or in groups to screen or zone off queues, waiting or sitting areas and receptions, helping to prevent the spread of germs and allowing people to relax in the venues they visit every day.  It’s ideal for use in beauty & hair salons, retail stores, dealerships and showrooms, banks & pharmacies and anywhere else people have to wait for any reason.

Swiftscreen SOLO boasts a powder coated steel frame and clear polycarbonate panels that maintain sightlines for effortless, interactive performance that helps put people at ease and doesn’t interrupt the visual and social flow of their environment.

For optimal convenience, SwiftScreen SOLO is easy to set up, move around or store, and simple to clean using any hard surface disinfectant.

For further information on how Swiftscreen SOLO can benefit your or your clients’ business as life returns to normal, email [email protected].